Cultural Fit

At Talent Deck, our mission is to match everyone with a job they love as much as we love ours. No, we aren't getting gushy, or emo. We just have a really clever website that can do this for you by matching you based on culture fit with a company, not just what you know.


Cultural Fit Assessment

Cultural fit is all about how a company culture is aligned to employee's values, beliefs and behaviours. Think gin and tonic, fish and chips and cheese and crackers - some things belong together. Like these combinations, a match between company culture and employee values and motivations lead to winning results - happy, motivated employees, and a successful company. Fist bumps all round!

Here at Talent Deck HQ, we know why understanding company culture and assessing cultural fit are important. Like, REALLY important. Our research proved it too - over half of UK developers have left a job because the company culture wasn't right. Over 40% of those that left a job because the company culture wasn't right for them recognised this early and quit within a month.


Company Culture

Talent Deck offers something job boards don't. Rather than just applying for a job, hoping that at interview you can suss out the company culture and values, we have turned the process on its head. Instead, we want to understand what company culture means to you - what does a company and job have to offer you, would be nice to have or absolutely shouldn't have.

Once we've got to know you better, our super computer takes your skills and culture fit assessment and matches this to jobs. Instantly.

Better still, the matches are ranked so you can easily see which job matches your requirements. Did we mention…it's instant.

Talent Deck Spoiler Alert

Spoiler alert: After using Talent Deck, you will probably never look for a job again. Like, ever. You can thank us later.

Not convinced yet? Oh dear. You're a tough nut to crack. Why not give Talent Deck a go, and see your matches instantly.